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Orange Plexus

I had a show with Mekka System all day, for NEUMA hair product, for the new collection !

Since we have to wait until september until it's revealed to everyone, let me introduce you a project i did last week, with one of the first photographer i met, 5-6 years ago ; Philippe Manh Nguyen ! (insta: @yungphilcom)

We did a street fashion food, walking around in Montreal, it was so much fun !

The clothes are made by my sister, Lucie Ganassa. Here's some pictures of the shoot. Some of them will go to my street/life-style Portfolio.

I have a LOT of project i never posted on my website. I'll try to post them all until the end of the month, stay tune ! oh, and I added a comment section on the main page, where you can tell whatever you want about me ! (i banned some words tho, but constructive comment are always welcome ! What did you tought about your experience with me ? do you have something to say about my work ? share it with the rest of the world and let me know :)

Also, I still have some disponibilities for paid shoot or other contract who suit my abilitiies. If you have a gig for me, hit me up !

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