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First styling shoot (duo, collaboration)

It's been mont since i started thinking about this project. It comes in 6 parts and we did like...3 of them, for now. The project is not over, but i was too excited about the result for only showing the final version ! It was my first time being a sort of stylist, directing the team...i don't like the term "directing" because it was a team work and everyone has something to say, to express, to feel. The first image was in my head, but at the end, it's a little bit different on screen, because it's experimental and everyone took his/her part in the direction.

So here is a little preview !

I'm not gonna describe the concept, but it's experimental, mixed with some editorial/fashion with feelings in it.

The suit Nicolas is wearing was made by me for a theater project, one year ago. Same goes for the tights.

Les modèles ont dus, dans ce shoot, essayer de démontrer une atmosphère par le corps en mouvement, avant de le poser pour la photo. C'est aussi un photoshoot de recherche, pour les concepts qui n'ont pas pu être fait cette soirée là.

Photographer/editing/Makeup : Erika Bourget

Models : Margo Ganassa and Nicolas Auger-Chrétien

Stylist : Margo Ganassa

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